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Nhudes are growing steadily! Although it is an impressive line up of options, we know there can never be enough skin tone colored product options. 

Trial and error confirmed that all fabrics are NOT created equal! It takes an unanticipated amount of meticulous work to narrow down quality fabrics. Specifically, textiles that meet the criteria to produce consistent and colorfast nude products. In that research, specific fabrics were chosen as the exclusive fabrics. This is a growing list and is subject to evolve. The current list of materials are color tested for consistency, color accuracy, and quality.
Colored swatches are available to assist in finding the closest shade match.  
Nylon Tulle (TULLE)
Stretch Mesh (SMESH) 
Power Mesh (POWER)
Illusion Mesh (ILLUS)
Sheer Mesh (SHEER)
Spandex (SPAND)
Eco Stretch Lining (ELINE)
Cotton Knit (CKNIT)
Blend Knit (BKNIT)
Hook & Eye Closures
Bra Hooks, Sliders & Rings
Rouleau "Spaghetti" Straps

We are currently testing: 
*stretch lining 
*sequin fabrics
*stretch lace fabric
*lace trim
Options for these fabrics/notions will be limited and offered on a
custom order basis until the testing phase is completed. 

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