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The brand TA-OSH Nhudes innovates shade diversity in apparel textiles for creatives, makers, sewists and designers.

The brand's purpose is to assure that all humans are represented in the term "nude" and to produce nude shades that compliment all skin colors.
"Shade Diversity!"

A vast majority of the products labeled “nude” only represent a small fraction of the infinite shades of human skin. After many unsuccessful searches to find an inclusive range of skin tone mesh, the idea of hand-dyeing the colors arose. Several dye tests were attempted and produced over 20 blendable shades. The possibility of creating many other shades was promising. Through the series of tests, some colors were color bombs and others were exactly what we set out to achieve. This exploration of color proved that more than just the traditional few nude shades were achievable and virtually endless. It was definitely a mind-blowing discovery, even in its beginning stages.

The first practice dye test runs produced about 40 shades with about 20 actual natural shades. On the more intentional test run, about 70 shades were created with about 35 usable shades. Today, TA-OSH Nhudes uses the power of color theory to produce 37 base colors and over 400 shade variations. Each shade is derived by blending different dye color combinations and using self-derived formulas to create a gradient of shades.  Hand dyeing and variable controls are the keys to generating an extensive range of color possibilities. Small batch dyeing helps maintain the most consistent color over time and across different mediums.

On rainy days, we like to capture rainwater and use it to reduce the amount of tap water. PSA.. No rainwater is collected during Hurricanes, though! Dye water is recycled when possible by using less concentrated dye baths to dye darker shades. As one can imagine, the natural southern Louisiana heat is the most efficient fabric dryer. Cause' it's hot!!! Depending on the fabric type, yardage could be fully dried in five to ten minutes. These are just a few ways the brand strives to become more eco-conscious throughout the dyeing process.
Exploring all skin tone shade possibilities within the nude color spectrum is just one of the ambitious goals of the brand. The future of the brand is to serve the crafting, apparel, and textile industry by continuing to build the nude palette. Offering products across mediums not yet explored and representing people in every shade is the main focus. It is important to build a brand that people truly see themselves in and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone’s skin. 

One formula at a time.

Curated by Louisiana based self-taught apparel designer Natasha Clute, the brand challenges the ideology that term "nude" explicitly refers to a singular shade. She has a background in garment design including various creative talents. Fabric dyeing nude shades are a by-product of her passion for inclusive fashion.

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