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The skin-tone shades vary in color and glorious undertones which increases the range of color options. Typically, shades are gradient light to dark. However, some of the shades vary in tone.
Color differences are tricky to capture with a camera. Factors such as lighting, individual color perception, and the color projected on device screens must also be considered.  

Ordering without using a swatch is a risk!
Swatches make life easier! 

Each color set has a different number of shades. However, the average amount of
shades per color set are 10 to 15 colors.

The full set of shades includes 125-250 shades that span across the color spectrum. Although there are over 400 available ordering colors, all of the shades are not available for purchase as a set at this time.  Some swatches shades tend to go out of stock as we offer many ordering options. See shop description for the full set ordering options.
The colors you will receive will be a collection of the range of colors that are in stock.

Swatches are currently offered in ONE fabric medium (SMESH) but sometimes there will be a power mesh swatch in place of the SMESH depending on what is pre-dyed/available. Please be advised that these are the base swatches used to match color across other fabric mediums.  Color matching using SMESH/POWER to duplicate color has worked extremely well. Extra effort is made to assure that the color remains consistent across all color mediums. 



Set A - Ivory/Cream

Set B - Blush

Set C - Sample Fabrics

Set 1 - Creole Cream/Vanilla Cream/Vanilla

             Vanilla Wafer/French Vanilla

Set 2 - Almond/Creme Brulee/Toasted Coconut

             French Toast/Pancake

Set 3 - Bananas Foster

Set 4 - Pecan Candy/Caramel Sauce

Set 5 - Milkshake/Bread Pudding

Set 6 - Cinnamon Roll/Caramel

Set 7 - Mousse/Cappuccino

Set 8 - Nutmeg/Nutella/Hot Chocolate/Brown Sugar

Set 9 - Walnut/Poundcake/Pudding/German Chocolate

Set 10 - Cocoa/Dutch/Hot Fudge/Espresso/Brownie

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