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Another day of nude dyeing in the country.

Cut Grass....✅

Trim Fruit Tree Limbs...✅

Is that Poison Ivy? ...⁉️❌

Google Poison Ivy...✅

Get poison Ivy Cream✅


Install new clothes line. ✅

So, after all that, I finally got down to business. Restocking shades and testing the newest dye color... simultaneously!! It’s the most effective way to do it.

Bread Pudding baking in this Louisiana sun. It actually wasn’t too hot today. Plus, there was a slight breeze. Looks like I will be keeping the early morning and evening schedule for fabric dyeing. Just enough shade at both times of the day that I don’t pass out from a heat stroke.

I would prefer to use this natural drying method for the duration of the summer and fall. Any sustainable methods I can add makes me feel better about the process. I use the minimum amount of water necessary to dye each yard of fabric. I would like to figure out a way to filter and reuse the dye bath water eventually. But for now I make use of the water by dyeing lighter shades first and reusing water for darker colors that aren’t effected by the residual dye. 10 yards down ...too many more to go. Actually, with my new equipment I was able to dye 10 yards/10 shades in 2 hours approximately. Things go alot faster with a larger pot of hot water and a faster method of heating water. Crawfish pot and burner to the rescue. I don’t why I didn’t think of it sooner. #linedry #taosh #taoshdesigns #skintonemesh #nudemesh #nudefabric #customdyedmesh #isendnudes #nudes #rit #ritdye

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