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Nhude Color Names

From the start, the color names have been tasty desert names. I chose the names based on the items the color resembled. Plus, I have a bit of a sweet tooth so when I see a brown color I immediately think of something edible.

I suppose I just associate certain colors to the things I love.

The colors name alone were not enough to cover all the shade variations. Color numbers were added to make room for shades that were lighter, darker or slightly different in undertone. Only one 3 digit number is associated with a color.

nude fabric
Nude Mesh Swatches

Well that is what was intended but categorizing color without technology can be complex.....and stressful. After feeling a little boxed in, the color numbers were increased to a 4 digit number. This opened up quite a bit of room to add 9 more shade variants into the line up of existing color. The storing of the shades looks the same but with more protection against fading from direct light. Also, extreme heat can also distort the color over time. I learned from that mistake too late. After many painstaking hours of tormenting my mom, sister, my son, my daughter and my nephews with swatch stamping, they all faded between the LED lighting and the Louisiana heat. They refuse to help anymore. LOL!

Ya'll,,,,the shades were growing faster than I could keep up with and the color possibilities seam quite endless. Since I am a color hoarder of sorts, I just can't manage to discard a color. I keep all the colors unless its an extremely odd shade for a human.

If you have followed the brand from the start, you may have noticed the change in brand (site) names. I was struggling trying to figure out what the collection of nude shades should be called. Trying to keep it under the brand TA-OSH was important to me but I didn't want to confuse people. Is TA-OSH a cut and sew brand, fabric brand or dye service? All-of-em! But how do I make it clearer that TA-OSH represents a few genres in fashion and that several services fall under the main brand. The website has changed over the years from to until I decided on

And here we are.

taosh nhudes custom nude fabric dyeing service
TA-OSH Nhudes

TA-OSH Nhudes is pretty solid. I believe it is here to stay. And I really like it!

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