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Nhudes REdid

This is now the third revision. I have already started selling quite a few color swatch set but now I can't reproduce the colors with the current dye. I reach out again to my new friend at RIT and he suggests that I replace and upgrade all the dye colors. Once again this means that there will be a change in the base formulas. This time the change will be more complex because the new dye is offered in two colors. Not only do I a have to re-adjust but I also have to test the two colors. The browns are tested separately and together to figure out how to recreate the brown shades in the color collection. I just can't!

The dye arrives and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I should be used to regrouping under the circumstances. Honestly, I was impressed by the color range with the Cocoa Brown and Dark Brown. It was definitely a leveling up! The color numbers jumped from 55 to 75 and shortly after that 100 shades. I was reluctant to share them with the public out of fear that something else would go wrong. They remained a secret until the beginning of the following year. I released the 75 shades first and then later that year upgraded to the even 100 shades.

The colors stayed steady at about 100 and grew by 25 shades each time I tested color groups and confirmed formulas. 150 shades is a lot to keep up with at this point and I have to revise the storage and categorizing method. The DIY project was now officially a product and sub-brand. I am excited and it really doesn't get any better than this.

And then......

RIT puts out a new color.

Guess what happened?

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