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The Nude Dyeing Process

I'm pretty sure somewhere someone makes flesh-tone fabrics. That was my thought process. Never would I have imagined that I was the only person determined to find out if nude could exist in a realistic amount of shades.

First, I had to create a "recipe" for each color and it involved an inconvenient amount of math that my brain wasn't ready for. During prom season nude-style dresses are very much in. I had at least 5 gowns that required a nude mesh. The plan was to get ahead of the guesswork and reduce the amount of failed attempts at creating the correct color. I used those colors as the base shades and made adjustments to match the desired color. Ultimately, I got all the dresses done and most were fairly close to a match. They were definitely better than the retail and online nude fabric options.

This is the moment that I posted the shades on the site with the option to purchase fabric and swatches. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested but I put it out to the world anyway. Honestly, it really is an easy DIY project however it takes quite a bit of time to understand color theory and duplicate each color to the closest possible match. I used RIT DYEMORE (Sandstone/Chocolate Brown), power mesh fabric, and spandex in the beginning stages. These items were the most accessible to me. I was super proud and excited at the progress. Little did I know how much this small project would grow.

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